• Rust Proofer OP is a heavy-duty, ready-to-use rust proofing compound formulated for all metals. This petroleum-based, penetrating solution provides up to 18 months of rust and corrosion protection.

    DIRECTIONS: Do not dilute. Use with adequate ventilation and avoid breathing vapors and contact with skin. Wear adequate eye protection and resistant gloves. Use product cold; do not heat. Apply to surface with spray, dip or brush methods and allow to air dry. For extra protection, apply multiple coats. Rust Proofer Op leaves a soft, waxy, oily film that needs to be removed prior to coating surface with primer, paint or other finish. Use any Technichem degreaser to remove film.

  • $22.00

  • 1 Gallon
  • 1-6 Gallon Pail

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